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AGEL min for vitamins

Of course, everyone ages and there’s no way to stop it. But, you can age gracefully and be at your best – always. Right?

A few simple changes and incorporating healthy habits help with curbing ageing signs. If you can look and feel young, what’s not to like about it?

Do you know it is always sunny out there, irrespective of whether you see the sun or not? Yes, winter or summer, always use your sunscreen. Using it regularly can cut back ageing skin signs, reduce UV skin blemishes triggered due to sun exposure, etc.

While you use sunscreen regularly and keep your skin protected, do you have a habit of cozying up to your furnace during winters? This tends to break down the collagen and accelerate skin ageing. You must stay 10 feet away from the furnace, if you want to protect your skin!

Do you know using plastic water bottles can accelerate ageing? Use eco-friendly water bottle when outside and when at home, use the glass!

Do you know sleeping on your back can reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the face, which are often a result of crushing your face against the pillow while sleeping on your sides? If you don’t snore, sleep on your back for younger looking face.

Have you heard elders saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it?” when you leave something untouched, because you really like it? It is very true, at least for your brain. Yes, if you want to prevent ageing related issues like Alzheimer’s or be sharp always, train your brain. With age, we don’t use our brains like we used to. As a result, it becomes diseased, just like how your body becomes ill when you don’t exercise regularly. Opt for brain exercises, or just activate the neurological pathways and keep your brain ticking by reading regularly, learning something new, etc.

Do you know the recommended intake is 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings of whole grains and 5 – 8 Oz. of water for a day? Yes, you need to consume in the recommended quantities to meet your daily nutritional requirement. Though you need fat, make sure it isn’t any more than 30% of your food in take and side more with good fats. This helps decelerate ageing.

Want to look and feel young longer? Exercise regularly – when you are tempted to skip your exercise routine, think about ageing related issues to pep you up to gym! Researches prove that exercising has a positive influence on one’s physical and emotional health. Besides, regular exercise helps combat ageing related health problems like stiff muscles and joints, reduced bone density, etc.

Do you know spirituality plays a key role in your health? Recent studies point those with a spiritual belief and do religious activities (prayer, meditation, Yoga, etc.) are healthier and less likely to be depressed? Many studies have successfully established the interlinked connected between body-mind and spirit. If you want to stay healthy and delay ageing, stay upbeat and positive.

Think Antioxidants! Do you know antioxidants are a great way to combat free radicals, ageing and stay healthy and young? Those consuming more antioxidants have great and younger looking skin too! Make sure you add antioxidants rich foods in your diet, generously.

Get enough sleep. An adult will need 7 – 8 hours of undisturbed sleep, every night. Reduced sleeping due to unavoidable circumstances once in a while is OK. But making it a practice to sleep less isn’t! According to research, those who sleep for 6 hours or less are more likely to get stroke, or cardiac problems. Not only to slow down ageing, to remain healthy, you need enough rest. Only when you sleep, your body detoxifies and rejuvenates itself. Never ignore the importance of a good night’s sleep, EVER!

With age, your body tends to slow and you will need additional help to keep it kicking and energetic. Unlike earlier generations, the current lifestyle is messed up and leaves everyone unhealthy. You really need help in the form of supplements that are natural, to stay young and healthy. Studies show artificial supplements aren’t absorbed and you need natural supplements for real results.