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Agel Enterprises

The Agel enterprises company was founded in Utah USA during  late October 2005 and by the first month the company had already own 5 million US dollars of sales…

The company was created by Glen Jensen, who had an idea that would transform the world of wellness and nutrition for good – It was the suspension gel technology delivery methodology.

For years, elite athletes have been using gel based products to enhance and to boost their performance during endurance events. They used a gel based delivery system because of the convenience and the immediate absorption.

Glen was the first to ask the below 2 questions:

1) If this works with elite athletes nutrients, could it also work with the delivery of other nutrients?

2) If this works so efficiently for elite athletes, could it work  for the everyday person as well?

The answer to both was the creation of Agel Enterprises, the first company in the world to use suspension gel technology to deliver ingredients people need in a way that get results right NOW!

In other words, Agel has taken the finest ingredients in the pill form, backed up by years of science, research & development and changed the delivery system into a gel form that tastes great and provides extremely powerful absorption.

The result was a cutting edge category creator that provides a solution that actually works in today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle!

Agel is a new brand exhibiting an innovative product revolution applied into 4 proven industries:

Nutrition – Agel Nutritionals

Includes the EXO and MIN Agel products.
The purpose of these products is to protect your body and maximize your good health. These include vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Wellness – Agel Wellness

Includes FIT, PRO, OHM and UMI Agel products.
The purpose of these products is to power up and unlock your body’s full potential. These products are part of a line of powerful formulas to provide increased energy, vitality and optimum health.

Pharmaceutical – Agel Gelceuticals

Includes FLX and HRT Agel products.
The purpose of these products is to live fully, renew your body and find your inner strength. These are pharmaceuticals products that do not require a prescription and can be delivered in the gel form.

Personal Care – Agel Ageless

Includes various skin care Agel products.
The purpose of these products is to nourish your skin and build your skin health. These are the world’s first suspension gel technology skin care products, providing nutrition, health and vitality to your skin.


The Agel Products

The Agel products are a unique combination of “right now” products that provide immediate and noticeable results, as well as products that provide smart prevention…

Agel applied her new breakthrough products in order to provide answers to most of today’s challenges:


Agel EXO Agel EXO
EXO Provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants extracted from a variety of fruits that are critical to a long and healthy life. These antioxidants are crucial to fight the free radicals generated in the body as a result of the current hectic lifestyle as well as living in today’s polluted environment.
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Agel UMI Agel UMI
UMI is an essential nutrition supplement to help you maintain a good and stable health by strengthening your immune system and vitality. The main ingredient of the UMI is the Fucoidan rich seaweed. This extraordinary seaweed is known for its immense positive effect on our immune system and our cardiac functioning…
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Agel MIN Agel MIN
MIN is packed with the right vitamins and minerals along with the right amounts. It gives you the most essential nutrients you actually need everyday! It provides 100% of the 12 most essential vitamins and 75% of the most vital 10 minerals your body really needs. The suspension gel technology allows the maximum absorption of these crucial vitamins & minerals…
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Agel ABC
agel ABC ABC is the wise way to give your children nutritional  & healthy growing regimen…
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Agel GRN
GRN is the best way to naturally cleanse, detoxify and nourish your inside body to maintain a Agel GRNhealthy digestive tract…
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Agel VLT

Agel VLT is designed to give you the much needed energy boost the healthy way!

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Agel Thrive – HRT, FLX, Omega-3

Agel HRT Agel HRT
HRT exhibits a unique blend of nutrients aimed to help your heart function in the optimum manner by protecting your heart and on the other hand, fuel your mio-cardio system. In addition to a healthy diet and exercises, HRT can also help you to maintain your cholesterol levels…
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Agel FLX Agel FLX
FLX is most important to help you maintain a healthy active lifestyle when you have joint related pain as a result of exercises, injuries or even of the normal activities of life. The Agel Flx is one of the most effective products in today’s market to fight this joint pain and get you back on track – The lifestyle in motion solution!
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Agel Omega-3
Agel Omega-3 allows you to maintain the needed levels of essential fatty acids (EFA) which are so crucial to our nervous system, skin, and cardiovascularAgel Omega 3 system while playing a significant role in your everyday metabolism…
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Agel Active – FIT, OHM, PRO

Agel FIT Agel FIT
FIT can help you win the long battle of losing weight as it help to increase the effectiveness of your weight control. The main active ingredient in FIT is HCA which according to clinical studies prevents you body from storing unused carbohydrates and inhibits fat production.
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Agel OHM Agel OHM
OHM helps you to gain alertness and clarity by providing natural energy both minded and physically. This is an essential product in today’s impossible pace of lifestyle…
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Agel PRO Agel PRO
PRO is an essential supplement of vital proteins when you need a quick snack solution or an extra protein boost for your exercise regimen. The proteins are absorbed fast and effectively, allowing your body to maintain health and well-being. Protein increases the metabolism in your body, helps to produce healthy bones, tissues and build muscles… Furthermore, it plays a vital rule in the performance of our immune system!
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Agel Body – GLO, Ageless Line of Products

Agel GLO
Agel GLO helps you to revitalize your inside skin layers and by that to help you look & feel much Agel GLOyounger… It is designed to hydrate your body, enhance you collagen fiber production and at the same time protect yourself from environmental damages, thus leading to a much healthier, cleaner skin complexion…

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Agel Agelless
These are a unique gel anti-oxidant skin care line of products. Agel went from a nutritional Agel Agelesssupplement company to a health and beauty one overnight. Meet the revolutionary anti-oxidant Agel Ageless line of products developed as a result of the revolutionary skin results achieved by some of the supplements such as Agel EXO…
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Agel Testimonies

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My Own Testimony

I my self had a knee problem for a long time and after taking Agel FLX for a couple of months now, my knee pain problem had disappeared…

Furthermore, I am taking the Agel EXO and Agel MIN for a long and a healthier life!

Join me and millions of others on this new and revolutionary journey to a better and a healthier lifestyle for you and your families…

My name is Yaron, and I am Agel!