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Agel GSH

The search for retaining youth and improving longevity has been going on forever. Different people suggest different ways to retain one’s youth longer, though the search has yielded proven results only recently. Scientific research has proven that a substance called Glutathione can elongate one’s lifetime and retain youthful looks longer.

This substance is present in our cells, every single one of them, though the levels deplete when sick or with ageing. Want to know how you can replenish the plunging Glutathione levels? Agel GSH supports with redeeming Glutathione levels, thus improving one’s health and longevity. Glutathione is one of the most important substances in the body and maintains intracellular health, thanks to the antioxidant properties and its capacity to eliminate toxins and pollutants from cells. They also help with regeneration, making GSH a powerful ally if you are looking to stay healthy and young.


What is Agel GSH All About?

Glutathione is produced by our body and found in every single of our body. It improves one’s vitality by repairing and restoring damaged DND, keeps one healthy as it is the master antioxidant and cleanses the body and cells off foreign substances, heavy metals and pollutants. Glutathione is a very important substance our body needs for healthy tissues, bones and organ systems. Numerous studies show that the dip in Glutathione happens with age or sickness, though there are a few studies that have shown consuming Glutathione doesn’t raise its cellular levels.

GSH Benefits

Yes, the only way to boost its levels is by ingesting components that help create the molecule Glutathione. They are glycine, cysteine and glutamine. They’re building blocks of Glutathione and also promote production of Glutathione in the body. Agel GSH includes these building blocks of Glutathione to promote healthy Glutathione levels in the body, which work wonders when combined with the suspension gel technology. Thus, it is an unmatched Glutathione production aid you can’t ignore.

What Ingredients are in Agel GSH?

Ingredients for Agel GSH are chosen with care, considering their benefits and their ability to help with the production of Glutathione and offer better results when the ingredients are put together. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and how they help, shall we?

Safflower Seed Oil

Used for centuries, it was originally cooking oil and sometimes, used in folk medicine. However, with research establishing the role of safflower oil’s ability to aid with glutathione production, it got a strong place in the list of potential AGH ingredients!

GSH Key Ingredients


A common amino acid, it is needed for protein synthesis and body functioning. It is also a very important ingredient that promotes Glutathione synthesis and simplest of all amino acids.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

A sulfur-based amino acid, it is very important for Glutathione synthesis and also quite efficient among the dietary substances that promote its synthesis. While L-Cysteine is available in a few foodstuffs,
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is best acquired through supplementation.

Vitamin C

Is there anything this Vitamin doesn’t do? It has a key role in the synthesis of glutathione, since it enhances the capability of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine to transport from one cell to another. Besides, it preserves Glutathione reserves.

N-Acetyl D-GlucosamineGSH Factsheet

Is an acetylated derivative of glucose that is present in nutritional or dietary supplements. It is an important component in numerous body structures like blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, etc. Besides, it helps body secrete and store Glutathione.

Cordyceps sinensis Mycelium Extract

A fungus that is very popular in folk medicine and said to promote anti-oxidant activity that helps Glutathione. Research suggests it plays a beneficiary role in cardiac, liver, lung and renal health, besides boosting immune system.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A fatty acid in our body’s cells, it helps convert glucose into energy and displays potent antioxidant capabilities like that of Vitamin E or C and CoQ-10. It is both fat and water-soluble and helps in the regeneration of antioxidants.


When GSH helps with its role as an antioxidant, Selenium functions as a catalyst that promotes oxidization of two GSH molecules to form Glutathionedisulfide (GSSG), which is then reduced to two GSH molecules.


Found in fruits, leaves, grains and veggies, it supports Glutathione.

Turmeric Root, L-Glutamine, Milk Thistle, Glutathione are other useful ingredients that promotes liver health and detoxification.

How Do I Use Agel GSH?

The recommended dose is one sachet per day. The dosage could be upped to two sachets, depending on individuals’ need and requirement, though should be done only under the supervision of a health professional.

Agel GSH Usage Recommendation

What Do People Have to Say About Agel GSH?

Agel products are usually appreciated and acknowledged worldwide. It is effective and the best part is that they are all-natural. Agel GSH is no exception and has helped many reclaim their health and vitality. A quick online search reveals numerous positive reviews and testimonials about GSH.

Who Should Not Use Agel GSH?

Those under 18 years of age, pregnant or lactating women, individuals with allergies to the ingredients listed or any serious health condition or those considering surgery should avoid Agel GSH. Though there are no known side-effects or adverse reactions that one should be concerned about, it is good to check and make sure the ingredients are suited for the individual in question.

Does Agel GSH Really Work?

Of course it does work, differently for different individuals, though the results are over all good and encouraging. Ready to give it a try?