Pills vs Gel

Today people’s health is changed compared to the past. In the old days, people suffered and died from infectious diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis and so on. On the contrary, nowadays, as these can be cured and are not necessarily fatal, most illnesses are caused due to deteriorated body system such as diabetes, high blood [...]


Athletes push the limits of science in order to maximize their performance in exact place and at the right time… As a result these new technologies can be applied and benefit all of us as a mainstream use. Today, athletes use gels just before a big competition or in during one to maximize the speed [...]

Agel Enterprises

The Agel enterprises company was founded in Utah USA during  late October 2005 and by the first month the company had already own 5 million US dollars of sales… The company was created by Glen Jensen, who had an idea that would transform the world of wellness and nutrition for good - It was the suspension [...]