AGEL min for vitamins

Of course, everyone ages and there’s no way to stop it. But, you can age gracefully and be at your best – always. Right? A few simple changes and incorporating healthy habits help with curbing ageing signs. If you can look and feel young, what’s not to like about it? Do you know it is [...]

agel HRT for healthy heart

Some foods are considered great for improving heart health. Want to know why? Do you know Agel HRT is a great way to protect your heart?  Likewise, there are many other heart-friendly foods and you can know more about them in our previous posts here and here. Let’s take a look at more heart-healthy foods [...]

agel fit for weight loss

Looking and feeling fit and healthy is one thing many want. However, many of us are not able to get rid of belly fat. Munch these foods, if you want to get rid of belly fat and flaunt flat abs! Use Agel Fit along with these foods, for better results.  Do you know adding peanuts [...]

spices for health

Do you know spices are not only to enhance the flavor of your recipes, but also for boosting your health? Yes, spices are rich in antioxidants and offer loads of health benefits. You can also take Agel EXO to ensure you get adequate supply of antioxidants. A humble herb in most kitchens, we don’t even [...]

apple for weight loss

Every other day, one diet or the other crops up, or is busted as a fad diet. Instead of following a crash diet for weight loss, incorporating a few diet and lifestyle changes could help in your weight loss journey. There’s no shortcut to weight loss. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, adopt healthy [...]

AGEL min for vitamins

Today, most of us believe in shortcuts and tend to think irrespective of what we eat, popping a pill is all that takes to retain health. Sadly, we are mistaken. A recent research study has banished claims that synthetic vitamin and mineral pills that doctors often prescribe us, don’t really help! On the other hand, [...]

sweet potato for heart health

Cardiovascular health is directly linked to your food habits. But now, you can make amends to your diet and enhance your hearth health. While Agel HRT helps reverse cardiac issues, these foods will help strengthen your heart. Spinach, the same green Popeye has always, is good for multitude reasons. It is rich in carotenoid, Vitamins, [...]

Garlic for digestion

Our body is a perfect and comprehensive system, with all that is ever needed being synthesized in our body. Not just for digestion, for fixing any issues also, there’s a way in our body. However, with a completely against-nature eating style, our digestive system needs external help quite often. That’s one reason why many turn [...]


Do you know February is dubbed as Heart Month? Honoring it, let’s take a look at Heart Healthy Food that ensure heart remains healthy and functions at its best. With increasing heart problems across all age groups, there’s a need to care for this organ more than ever. That’s exactly what Agel HRT does for [...]

Food Supplements for Joint Health

Do you know bone health is more than just Calcium intake? Only if body has minerals in adequate quantity, will the calcium be absorbed and help strengthen your bones. On the contrary, they can also get stored in different parts of the body in unhealthy proportions. Only when you intake adequate minerals and calcium, will [...]