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agel fit for weight loss

Looking and feeling fit and healthy is one thing many want. However, many of us are not able to get rid of belly fat. Munch these foods, if you want to get rid of belly fat and flaunt flat abs! Use Agel Fit along with these foods, for better results. 


Do you know adding peanuts to your diet will reduce triglycerides, which is a key trigger for cardiac problems? Rich in protein, it is satisfying and prevents overeating. Swap your fries or chips for a serving of roasted peanuts.

Cereal Bowl

Do you know if you had a bowl of fiber-rich cereal, you are more likely to lose weight and shed unwanted fat around your belly? Forget about pancakes and try fiber-rich cereal bowl with chopped nuts and raisins. What a healthy and nutritious way to start the day, huh?


Do you know turkey meat is rich in protein, yet low in calories? Yes, turkey meat has lowest calorie count per ounce of meat. Swap your chicken for turkey, to cut down flab.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is low-calorie and rich in protein and calcium. Do you know getting daily requirement of calcium ensures you don’t store fat? Besides, yogurt also has leucine, which helps burn fat. Grab a cup of low-fat, unsweetened yogurt to stay fit!


Who doesn’t love berries? They’re colorful, taste great and nutritious. Do you know they curb hunger pangs, reduce cravings for sweets and also rich in fiber? Why wait? Grab a serving to ensure you eat healthy and also, reduce weight alongside.

Black Beans

Rich in proteins, antioxidants and fiber, black beans help curb or reduce belly fat. This is established in a study and the fat fighting property is attributed to the antioxidant content.




Pungent smelling, Apple Cider Vinegar is a blessing in disguise! It has many health benefits, including restoring body’s pH balance, a key to weight loss. It helps with appetite control, producing protein to curb fat storage and also offers vitamins and minerals that are important for health.


Quinoa is an important part of any weight loss program and easy to cook, much like rice! It is rich in fiber, protein and also boasts nutrients like selenium, zinc, iron and Vitamin E. Toss a few veggies and nuts to make a tasty and scrumptious dish off this humble ingredient!


Haven’t we heard our granny talk about lemon water in the early morning for optimal health? It is indeed true! If you want to cut that belly flab, lemon water is your best bet. Lemon is intricately connected to liver detoxification, a key step if you want to reduce belly fat. Just gulp down a glass of warm lemon water with honey, first thing in the morning.


Richer in fiber than apple, pears are your friend when you want to lose weight and cut down belly fat. It is rich in catechins and flavonols that curb belly fat storage.


Human fat cells that were treated to white tea absorbed 70% less fat than normal cells. Besides, the compounds in white tea also triggered breakdown of fat. Swap your hot tea, for a warm white tea brew to trim your waistline!

Safflower Oil

Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, sprinkling this oil to your salads might help reduce your waistline. Want to reduce belly fat and boost your metabolism rate? Safflower oil all the way!

Citrus Fruits

When you want to reduce weight and burn fat, Vitamin C is your best friend. Add more of those citrus fruits to your salads, or just enjoy a serving of citrus fruits instead of snacks! Vitamin C busts stress and reduces cortisol levels, which promotes fat storage otherwise. What’s not to like about it? They’re tangy, boost your energy levels and also, taste excellent!


Cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar levels, a very important contributing factor to your weight loss goals. Just sprinkle some cinnamon to your morning cup of Coffee, or your bread toast to add this wonderful spice every day.


Want to burn fat? Peppers are your friend! Different types of hot peppers including Jalapenos have a compound called capsaicin. The more the spice, the higher the capsaicin content in them. This compound helps reduce appetite and speeds up the metabolism. When included in your diet, they help reduce weight.

Stay tuned for more ideas to burn belly fat including ideal lifestyle changes that you can incorporate. Till then, get started with these foods and use Agel Fit to reach your fitness goals.