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Pills vs Gel

Today people’s health is changed compared to the past.

In the old days, people suffered and died from infectious diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis and so on. On the contrary, nowadays, as these can be cured and are not necessarily fatal, most illnesses are caused due to deteriorated body system such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer!

This is why, in today’s world we have to regenerate healthy cells in order to live longer. The question is how to achieve that?

There are 5 healthy habits needed to boost your living balance:

–   Daily Exercise – At least an hour a day

–   Sleeping – At least 8 hours every night

–   Fresh Air – Kind of rare in big cites

–   External Effects – Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and stress

–   Healthy Diet – Daily consumption of the 5 colors of mixed fruits and vegetables

The above healthy habits, although needed, are quite difficult to implement in today’s hectic life…

In the western countries, people consume every day dietary supplements of 3 types:

–  Tablets – Require water and need between 15-40 tablets a day to promote efficiency. They are hard to swallow and some even refuse to take them

–  Powder – Looks better, readily digestive as opposed to tablets but requires water and a stirring instrument such as blender.

–  Juices – Readily digestive, easy to absorb but once the bottle is opened, it needs to be put in a fridge.

Agel developed a unique and an innovative gel suspension technology based delivery mechanism for nutritional products in a nice and easy to carry packet as opposed to the other old delivery methodologies mentioned above.

The gel is easily digested and readily absorbed in the oral cavity membrane showing maximum assimilation in the small intestine. The packet gel is fully absorbed within 3-15 minutes from the mouth till the end of the small intestine functionality. On the other hand, tablet full absorption takes more than 2 hours.

The Agel products are unique and express unrivaled breakthrough in the market.

As mentioned above, these outstanding products of Agel are using a newest innovative nutrition technology which makes it currently most distinguished!

Agel products are accepted worldwide in more than 60 countries and have received many top nutrition based awards…

Let’s compare these 4 methods of delivery according to some parameters:





Time of Absorption

Takes few hours to be absorbed

When mixed with water, readily absorbed

Readily absorbed

Readily absorbed. Fast assimilation into the body.

Absorbed Quantities

Absorbed in rather small quantities

When mixed, absorbed quantities are good

Absorbed quantities are good

Good bio-availability. Absorbed quantities are very good.

Accessories Required


Water and a mixing instrument for effectiveness

Needs refrigeration after the bottle is opened


Intake Issues

Some people do not like pills and some can’t swallow them.

May leave a bad taste after intake.

May taste badly in some cases.


None. Usually taste good.


Delivered in a plastic pills pack. Most convenient as it can be carried and taken everywhere, anytime as long as there is water.

Not convenient as it needs to be prepared for intake with a stirring instrument and water.

Bulky and problematic to carry around.

Extremely convenient & portable as it is packed in an easy to carry package (¾ oz 21gm packets) and thus can be taken everywhere anytime.