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spices for health

Do you know spices are not only to enhance the flavor of your recipes, but also for boosting your health? Yes, spices are rich in antioxidants and offer loads of health benefits. You can also take Agel EXO to ensure you get adequate supply of antioxidants.


A humble herb in most kitchens, we don’t even know where it is! Many of us probably get this herb container only for soups, stews and probably for a relaxing tea before bed. While we all choose grilling to reduce oil, grilling at high temperature can produce heterocyclic amines, which are free radicals that can cause cancer. If you add rosemary while marinating, these free radicals aren’t formed during the grilling process. This means, you can indulge in low-fat cooking without the worry about free radicals!


A very popular herb, Oregano can spice up any dish in a jiffy. Do you know it is packed with antioxidants? The next time you prepare something, consider sprinkling some oregano for added flavor and nutrients.


Did you think it is easy to add a few drops of Cardamom essence instead of using the pods? Think again! Cardamoms are great toxin flushers and known for their anti-tumor activity. Also, rubbing cardamom, salt and pepper powder to your meat, can give it that smoked flavor.


You don’t need to have something that’s awful and bitter to reduce sugar levels! Even something as sweet-smelling and tasty as cinnamon, can help bring down blood glucose levels. Add a dash of cinnamon to your morning cup of coffee for refreshing and healthy boost. You can also sprinkle cinnamon powder to oatmeal, tea, greens or even warm milk.


Not only for digestion, ginger can also curb workout-induced aches and pains. Tired after a workout? Consider a cup of Ginger tea for welcome relief. A recent study showed it increased sharpness in middle-aged women, who took ginger supplements every day.


Known for its ability to aid with digestion and expel trapped gas, this spice has been proven to contain anti-bacterial qualities related to digestive tract. Add a dash of cumin to your recipes for added flavor and health.


Nutmeg is a pricey spice with infinite benefits. Rich in antibacterial compounds, it can prevent tooth cavity. That’s not all! It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce risk of cancer by stalling or reducing tumor growth. You can sprinkle about ¼ teaspoon, to a glass of warm milk at night for a restful night’s sleep.


This humble spice has been proven to have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and proven to aid with cancer prevention and helpful with other malignant diseases like arthritis, diabetes, etc. They can make your dishes colorful and healthy and all you need is a pinch of turmeric!

Cayenne Pepper

Rich in capsaicin, it helps fire up your metabolism and burn fat. Want to reduce weight and burn fat? Cayenne peppers all the way! Sprinkle them to your dishes, add them to your lemonade, or get creative and add them to your salads or sandwiches.


Did you think it is a decorative aid? Parsley has been proven to aid with battling deafness, kidney stones and avoid build-up in arteries. What more can you ask for?


You probably loved the smell of garlic in curries, or used it to aid with digestion or prevent flatulence. Did you know it has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties? It is used to treat several ailments in alternative medicine and helps prevent formation of blood clots in arteries. Though pungent, with the loads of benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add it to your diet. Chewing a few peppermint leaves later, isn’t a real problem, after all!

That’s not all! Sage, Saffron, Basil and every other spice out there, is healthy and makes your food tastier and healthier. What’s not to like about them? The key is to store the spices correctly, to retain their pungency and benefits longer.

Antioxidants are important for leading a healthy life, a reason why Agel EXO was launched. When you combine healthy diet with an active lifestyle, you can stay healthy and fit longer.