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Athletes push the limits of science in order to maximize their performance in exact place and at the right time…

As a result these new technologies can be applied and benefit all of us as a mainstream use.

Today, athletes use gels just before a big competition or in during one to maximize the speed of absorption and to increase the bio-availability of the ingredients exactly when they need it…

What if everyday person could receive nutritional supplements exactly when he/she actually needs it? What if the delivery methodology athlete’s use can be applied to the everyday person with other to be consumed products?

The answer to that launched a powerful delivery mechanism called: suspension gel technology – A fresh new way to consume nutritional supplements. The technology is a patent methodology used to suspend nutrition supplements in a gel matrix.

Nutritional Supplement Effectiveness

There are three main factors that influence the effectiveness of any nutritional supplement:

1)  Proper Timing of the Ingestion – How much time will be required for the supplement to be fully ingested?

2) Bio-Availability of the Nutrients – Assure the availability of these vital nutritional supplements for assimilation.

3) Quantities of the Nutrients – Assure that the right amounts of these vital supplements will be fully absorbed as the body needs.

The Agel Suspension Gel Technology

Gel MatrixThe Agel suspension gel products are called Gelceuticals. Gelceuticals are pharmaceuticals typed products that don’t require a prescription and can be delivered in a gel matrix. Agel simply took vital science proved ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, various proteins and wellness ingredients and suspended them in a gel matrix. The gel is a smooth thick liquid, flavorful and most important, easy to swallow!

Each individual sample of Gelceutical consists of a gel with the right dose of measured levels of the nutrients the body needs.

Each of these vital nutrients has a different specific method of assimilation along the gastrointestinal tract. For instance, most of these nutrients will be absorbed in the small intestine. However, when these vital nutrients are suspended in a gel, they are all available to be absorbed immediately and at the same time.

Why is Agel Suspension Gel Technology so Effective?

The Agel suspension gel technology facilitates the absorption process of the quality supplements and at the same time, force the critical nutrients to be suspended in matrix gel, thus optimizing the availability and the right quantity of these nutrients when ingested.

Since that, this new gel technology represents a significant advance in the method of delivery for important food supplements such as vitamins, minerals. Actually, on the basis of this method any other nutrient or food extract can be delivered right away to be bio-available and with the right quantity needed, thus maximizing nutritional efficiency…

Technology is all about the delivery methodology and how convenient it is packaged.
Suspension gel technology can deliver almost anything supplement the body need and can use. Research show that a suspension gel improves the absorption and assimilation of the ingredients 3-7 times more than done via a tablet delivery…

Since each nutritional supplement needs to be absorbed according to specific optimal timing guidelines in order to be most effective, the gel supplements are packaged in convenient gel packs that are highly portable, allowing availability at any time, any place and without any additional assistance (e.g., water etc…). Note that some supplements are better effective when they are taken during meals, where as some needs to be taken 30 minutes prior to a meal to have best results!

Whatever your body needs, the gel can deliver it more accurately, faster and with more control in terms of concentration and amounts – Check out the various Agel products